Meet the Stars :: Caitlin Carter

Caitlin Carter was the original Mona in the revival of Chicago
interview conducted 30Nov2003 when Caitlin was Hunyak in the 3rd national tour of Chicago

Question:   Tell us a little about yourself - where you grew up, went to school, etc.

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Question:   What/who inspired you to be an actress?

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Question:   What was it like to tango and play opposite the legendary Julie Andrews in Victor/Victoria?

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Question:   Did you get much advance notice you were going on?

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Question:   Since the release of the movie Chicago, what differences in audience reactions have you noticed?

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Question:   You've played Roxie Hart on Broadway and on tour. How do you approach the character?

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Question:   What was it like performing Roxie for the first time in New York?

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Question:   How has your current portrayal of Roxie changed from when you performed in the NY production?

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Question:   Between Mona and Hunyak, which role do you prefer and why?

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Question:   What was your process for learning Hunyak's monologue?

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Question:   What do you like most/least about touring?

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Question:   Tell us one thing most people would be surprised to know about you.

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Question:   What role that you haven't done do you most want to do?

Charity in Sweet Charity

Question:   Tell us something embarrassing that happened to you recently.

I was at an audition for a production of Annie. I was auditioning for Lily St. Regis. My agent didn't tell me they wanted me to dance. I didn't have dance clothes with me. I was in a mini-skirt. Everyone else was in dance clothes but me, and I am kicking my legs in a mini-skirt and pumps.

Question:   What's your idea of the perfect vacation?

A very un-touristy destination - a tropical island somewhere, quiet, no TV, no telephone, a beach, and my husband.

Question:   If you could take over anyone's body for an hour who would you pick?

As I dancer I choose Ann Reinking just to see what it feels like to have those legs and be able to move like that.

Question:   Name three people (living or dead) you would invite to a dinner party.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Bob Fosse, Jackson Pollack.

Question:   Where would we most likely find you on a day off?

At a museum or at my massage therapist's house getting a massage.

Question:   What's your current favorite CD, book, movie, TV show?

cd:   Red Hot Chili Peppers' Californication
book:   Stupid White Men by Michael Moore
movie:   A Beautiful Mind
tv:   shows on HBO like The Sopranos and Six Feet Under

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